A customized olfactory ambience

A customized olfactory ambience As promised, following my previous article "olfactory marketing, beyond flair", here are some additional key elements for a successful olfactory ambience integration. Commercial approach In the commercial world, the most used approach is to highlight the intrinsic features of a product.  Likewise, we can also proceed by dreamlike communication: in combination [...]

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Olfactory marketing, more than just a feeling

In the sensory family, I admit that the smell is a passion for me for several years. Unfortunately it is a bit the "unloved" one for public space or brand image tool. However, odors are directly connected to our center of emotions. The imprint left in our memory is phenomenal besides the direct impact on [...]

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Applied Arts Magazine Award – Melbox campaign

When I launched Melbox, the development of my brand image was a priority for me. I really wanted to create a visual that represents the values and objectives of our services. For me,  it was always important that the images communicate even more than words. For the art direction and photography, I have had the [...]

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Customer experience in 2016, an investment that makes sense!

Why invest in sensory marketing and customer experience in 2016 when we have all the technological tools that allow us to reach our target customers?  The "shopping" is done mostly online? To answer this question, here is a short life story. Recently, I was looking to buy a new mattress. Bombarded with advertisements online, I [...]

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