A customized olfactory ambience

As promised, following my previous article “olfactory marketing, beyond flair”, here are some additional key elements for a successful olfactory ambience integration.

Commercial approach

In the commercial world, the most used approach is to highlight the intrinsic features of a product.  Likewise, we can also proceed by dreamlike communication: in combination with the product universe.  For example: a smell of freshly cut grass to promote electric cars.
As smell is directly connected to emotions, influence memory-odor combination may be a wise choice.  When a situation or place is synonym of stress, the integration of a fragrance can help reduce the negative perception.  For example: have a comforting smell in the waiting area of a dentist.

Corporate approach

In corporate environment, a fragrance is chosen especially for a concept of well-being but also based on your goals. Specific odors affect concentration, creativity or productivity. To maximize the impact of your corporate olfactory signature, in addition to your office, why not introduce it into your corporate items or integrate it in your corporate activities (Trade show, evening, etc.).


In addition to creating a theme atmosphere, a pleasant olfactory ambience increase positive perceptions including other sensory elements like music and food. A stage play, a movie or a show are golden opportunities to introduce a fragrance in order to make “live” emotions at the participants. Did you know Katy Perry used a cotton candy fragrance for her tour California Girl?

Who is your target audience?

As in any marketing approach, it is essential to know your target audience. Their interests, their habits and lifestyle can influence the choice of the smell. For example, you can enter a fruity smell with a refreshing effect for an active customer or even more cozy with a touch of amber and cigar for a premium product.

Design/ Flow

The physical setting is crucial in the choice of perfume, but especially in the choice of dissemination tools.

  • Layout of the pieces to perfume – Do multiple are inter related?
  • Numbers of visitors and their average time spent in space. If a large number of people are in the same room for a while, it is important to consider.
  • The access to space – visitors coming from outside? It is important to consider this factor with the different seasons and your neighborhood.

The olfactory ambience is a proof that you should never overlook the impact of invisible elements. Companies are often reluctant to enter because of fear of displeasing certain customers or for fear of allergies. Just choose the diffusion method and work with experts to consider all aspects.

Melbox chose to use olfactory products by dry evaporation to ensure impeccable quality air, hypo allergenic and natural confection. No residue in the air that people breathe or that settle to the ground … Are you curious?

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