When I launched Melbox, the development of my brand image was a priority for me. I really wanted to create a visual that represents the values and objectives of our services. For me,  it was always important that the images communicate even more than words.

For the art direction and photography, I have had the honor to work with an outstanding photographer, Jean-François Séguin. As in the development of a brand for my clients, it is essential to establish the broad lines we want to convey and choose the best images to transcribe the message.

The highlights of our creative development

Melbox Philosophy:
The marketing initiatives are a way to tell your story, to make people feel emotions.

Vintage items that are part of our history and as sensory marketing, solicit emotions and memories.

Melbox Objective:
Bring messages and customers initiatives to a new level.  Furthermore, the sensory marketing brings a human dimension and the message at another level than traditional marketing.
Visual add-on:

Objects are  elevated and floating in the air.

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It is an honor to have won from the very launch of the campaign prestigious Applied Arts Magazine award. Professionals like Jean-François are precious and ensure achievement of quality and exceptional creativity.

Applied Arts Magazine Award:

Campaign detail:

Success is a team effort and the choice of collaborators is the first key to success. Melbox is proud to count Jean-François Séguin as partner to be a team that will bring the concepts to another level.